Spa Etiquette

Spa Etiquette & Rules

Turn off your cellphone: In the spa area, use of cellphone is prohibited. Kindly leave the cellphone in your locker.

Arrive on time: Thirty minutes prior to treatment is adequate for paper work and use of amenities. We encourage our clients to shower and make use of the steam room before their treatment begins.

Speak about what you want: During the massage, feel free to speak up about anything you would like done differently.

We don’t allow use of steam room before waxing.

Attire: All attire required will be provided in your locker.

Tipping: We do not charge a service fee and it is entirely up to the individual to leave something extra for the therapist.

Cancelation: Kindly make any cancellations 30 minutes prior to your appointment.

Post Treatment: To continue receiving the benefits of the oils, you are encouraged not to shower after your treatment. Therapists will assist in wiping the excess oil after your treatment is done.

After a massage treatment, toxins have been released. It is highly recommended you drink water to flush them out.

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